Vancouver Chess Club Tournament Rules

*Standard CFC (Chess Federation of Canada) tournament rules apply, for extra information you can look at the CFC Handbook:


  1. Touch move, touch take : If you have touched your piece, you must move it. If you touch your opponent’s, you must capture it (unless there’s no legal moves to do so).


  1. Notation : Every player must write down their game.


  1. Cheating : There is 0 tolerance to cheating. If there is proof of cheating the player, these will be the consequences: 1) disqualified from the tournament 2) Chess Federation of Canada will be notified 3) No refund on chess club membership


  1. Phones : Phones will be asked to be left with the arbiter (turned off). Phone will be returned once the game is finished.

Vancouver Chess Club Tournament Schedule

Tournament #1: Sept 8th 15th 22nd 29th Oct 6th

Tournament #2: Oct 20th 27th Nov 3rd 17 th 24th

Blitz/Rapid Tournament: Dec 1st 

Tournament #3: Dec 8th 15th Jan 5th 12th 19th

Tournament #4: Jan 26th Feb 2nd 9th 23rd March 1st 

Blitz/Rapid Tournament: March 8th 

Tournament #5: March 15th 22nd 29th April 5th 19th

Tournament #6: April 26th May 3rd 10th 24th 31st 

Blitz/Rapid Tournament: June 7th 

Tournament #7: June 14th 21st 28th July 5th 12th

Tournament #8: July 19th 26th Aug 9th 16th 23rd

Blitz/Rapid Tournament: Aug 30th

Tournament Registration